Table. 1.

Intended results of external quality control specimens for hepatitis viral antigen and antibody assessment

   AnalyteHBsAgAnti-HBsAnti-HBc totalAnti-HBc IgMHBeAgAnti-HBeAnti-HCVAnti-HAV totalAnti-HAV IgGAnti-HAV IgM
2016-1st trial
2016-2nd trial
2017-1st trial
2017-2nd trial

Abbreviations: HBsAg, hepatitis B surface antigen; anti-HBs, antibody to HBsAg; anti-HBc, antibody to hepatitis B core antigen; HBeAg, hepatitis B envelope antigen; anti-HBe, antibody to HBeAg; anti-HCV, antibody to hepatitis C virus; anti-HAV, antibody to hepatitis A virus

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