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Table. 8.

Table. 8.

Number (%) of participants in the proficiency testing for direct antiglobulin test in 2018

TrialAntiglobulinSpecimenNumberResultIntended response

1stPolyspecificBBG-18-04264261 (98.9)3 (1.1)Positive
BBG-18-051 (0.4)*263 (99.6)Negative
BBG-18-061 (0.4)*263 (99.6)Negative
Anti-IgGBBG-18-046666 (100.0)-Positive
BBG-18-05-66 (100.0)Negative
BBG-18-06-66 (100.0)Negative
Anti-C3dBBG-18-04672 (3.0)*65 (97.0)Negative
BBG-18-05-67 (100.0)Negative
BBG-18-061 (1.5)*66 (98.5)Negative
2ndPolyspecificBBG-18-10264-264 (100.0)Negative
BBG-18-112 (0.8)*262 (99.2)Negative
BBG-18-12263 (99.6)1 (0.4)*Positive
Anti-IgGBBG-18-1065-65 (100.0)Negative
BBG-18-11-65 (100.0)Negative
BBG-18-1265 (100.0)-Positive
Anti-C3dBBG-18-1066-66 (100.0)Negative
BBG-18-11-66 (100.0)Negative
BBG-18-122(3.0)*64 (97.0)Negative

Values are presented as number (%), unless otherwise stated.

Abbreviation: IgG, immunoglobulin G.

Unacceptable responses for direct antiglobulin test.

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