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Table. 5.

Table. 5.

Acceptable rates in the urine sediment examination

Specimen no.No. of participantsResultsNo. of answersAcceptable (%)Unacceptable (%)
CUI-18-01924Calcium oxalate48952.9
CUI-18-01924Ammonium magnesium phosphate40944.3
CUI-18-02924Cellular cast (RTE and/or neutrophil)56160.7
CUI-18-02924Granular cast coarsely19521.1
CUI-18-02924RBC/pigmented/muddy brown casts828.9
CUI-18-03924Uric acid505.4
CUI-18-05901Granular cast coarsely38342.5
CUI-18-05901RBC/pigmented/muddy brown casts31635.1
CUI-18-05901Granular cast finely778.5
CUI-18-07901Leukocyte (eosinophil, lymphocyte)88498.1
CUI-18-08901Transitional epithelial cell (urothelial)49755.2
CUI-18-08901Renal tubular epithelial cell (RTE)32936.5
CUI-18-08901Squamous epithelial cell424.7

Abbreviations: RTE, renal tubular epithelial; RBC, red blood cell.

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