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Table. 1.

Table. 1.

List of reference-measurement laboratories and acceptable limits of accuracy-based lipid assays

 Test itemReference measurement laboratoriesAcceptable limitsNCEP performance criteria for inaccuracy [10]
Total cholesterolCEQAL*, NWRL±9%±3%
High-density lipoprotein cholesterolCEQAL, NWRL±13%±5%
Low-density lipoprotein cholesterolCEQAL, NWRL±12%±4%
Total glyceridesReCCS, NMRL§±15%±5%
Free glycerolReCCS, HSA±15%±5%
Apolipoprotein A1-±15%-
Apolipoprotein B-±15%-
Lipoprotein (a)-±3 SD-

Acceptable limits based on the NCEP performance criteria [10].

Abbreviations: NCEP, National Cholesterol Education Program; SD, standard deviation.

CEQAL (Canada,

Northwest Lipid Metabolism and Diabetes Research Laboratories (

Reference Material Institute for Clinical Chemistry Standards (Japan,

National Medical Reference Laboratory (Korea, from the second round of 2017;

Health Sciences Authority, Singapore.

Consensus (average of each test of all participants excluding outlier).

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