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Table. 1.

Table. 1.

Results of the internal QC testing for HE4 to assess the homogeneity and stability during the 90-day evaluation period

QC materialsQC target mean (range) (pmol/L)6 Testing days during 90-day evaluationDuring 90-day evaluation

Mean±SD (pmol/L)CV (%)Mean±SD (pmol/L)CV (%)
PreciControl HE4 148.41 (45.32–51.5)47.89±1.302.7048.27±1.222.53
PreciControl HE4 2350.77 (328.9–372.6)348.32±6.421.84341.19±8.562.51

Abbreviations: QC, quality control; HE4, human epididymis protein 4; SD, standard deviation; CV, coefficient of variation.

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