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Table. 2.

Table. 2.

Variation in the concentrations of HE4 detected among vials in the three levels of EQA materials

Vial no.No.Level I (pmol/L)Level II (pmol/L)Level III (pmol/L)

Mean±SDCV (%)Mean±SDCV (%)Mean±SDCV (%)
Vial 1339.68±0.411.0392.11±0.750.81327.17±1.760.54
Vial 2339.51±0.380.9791.51±0.870.95330.00±1.350.41
Vial 3339.58±0.180.4691.10±0.190.21331.67±2.510.76
Vial 4339.43±0.250.6391.62±1.451.59331.33±1.680.51
Vial 5339.35±0.090.2291.57±0.750.82331.40±4.341.31
Vial 6339.24±0.330.8392.15±1.071.17331.70±1.040.31
Vial 7339.33±0.401.0191.03±0.370.40328.73±2.940.89
Vial 8339.97±1.283.2191.86±1.241.35330.13±0.910.27
Vial 9339.41±0.250.6491.98±0.640.70330.20±2.810.85
Vial 10339.52±0.180.4593.20±0.641.40330.30±3.200.97

Abbreviations: HE4, human epididymis protein 4; EQA, external quality control; SD, standard deviation; CV, coefficient of variation.

Significant results with P-values less than 0.05 (by analysis of variance).

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