Table. 3.

The proficiency testing results for anti-cyclic citrullinated peptide in 2018

Specimen no.No.ResultIntended

IG-18-01108108 (100.0)-Negative
IG-18-0210843 (39.8)*65 (60.2)Less than 80% consensus
IG-18-031081 (0.9)107 (99.1)Positive
IG-18-04115115 (100.0)-Negative
IG-18-051151 (0.9)114 (99.1)Positive
IG-18-06115-115 (100.0)Positive

Values are presented as a number (%).

All 41 laboratories that used reagent of Roche (Mannheim, Germany) reported a negative result.0

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