Laboratory Medicine and Quality Assurance

Table. 1.

Control materials analyzed and released dates from the trials of general chemistry in 2018

TrialMaterial no.ManufacturerProduct nameLot no.Released date
1stCC-18-01RandoxHuman low serum 5 mL273ULCM26 February
CC-18-02RandoxHuman normal serum 5 mL1250UNCM
CC-18-03RandoxHuman elevated serum 5 mL973UECM
2ndCC-18-04RandoxHuman low serum 5 mL274ULCM23 April
CC-18-05RandoxHuman normal serum 5 mL1251UNCM
CC-18-06RandoxHuman elevated serum 5 mL974UECM
3rdCC-18-07Bio-RadLyphochek assayed & unassayed chemistry control2644120 August
CC-18-08Bio-RadLyphochek assayed & unassayed chemistry control26442
CC-18-09Bio-RadLyphochek assayed & unassayed chemistry control26432
4thCC-18-10Bio-RadLyphochek assayed & unassayed chemistry control288311 October
CC-18-11Bio-RadLyphochek assayed & unassayed chemistry control28832
CC-18-12Bio-RadLyphochek assayed & unassayed chemistry control26452

The instruments were from the following companies: Randox Laboratories (London, UK) and Bio-Rad Laboratories (Hercules, CA, USA).

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