Laboratory Medicine and Quality Assurance

Table. 3.

Available external quality assessment programs for severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 molecular detection

Program provider

UK National External Quality Assessment Service Quality Control for Molecular Diagnostics College of American Pathologists Microbix and Oneworld Accuracy (1WA) Korean Association of External Quality Assessment Service INSTAND
Specimen Freeze-dried Cultured and/or clinical material Non-infectious liquid specimens NA Cultured virus spiked to clinical specimen Lyophilized cell culture lysates
No. of challenges 8 (Aug 2020 to Mar 2021) 1/2 2 1/3 2 2
No. of samples per challenge 2 10 (for 1 challenge)/5 (for 2 challenges) 3 2 5 5

Abbreviation: NA, not available.

Lab Med Qual Assur 2020;42:194~199
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