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Fig. 3. Commutability of the frozen human serum pools (FHP) for prostate specific antigen (PSA) measurement. The FHP, patient samples and quality control materials (QC) were measured for PSA with 4 assay platforms; Roche vs. Abbott (A), Siemens (B), Beckman (C), Abbott vs. Siemens (D), Beckman (E), Siemens vs. Beckman (F). The solid lines indicate the Deming regression lines and dashed lines indicate the upper and lower 95% prediction intervals. The gray, yellow squares and blue triangles represent the results of the patient samples, FHP and QC, respectively. (See the journal website for colors.) Abbreviations: FSP, frozen human serum pools; PI, prediction intervals; PSA, prostate specific antigen; QC, quality control materials.
Lab Med Qual Assur 2022;44:111~120
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