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Table. 4.

The reporting status of HEp-2 cell IFA in participating laboratories (N=36)

Questionnaire Category No. of response (%)
Reporting for cytoplasmic fluorescence As ANA positive 27 (75.0)
As ANA negative and comment a positive cytoplasmic pattern 9 (25.0)
Knowing about ICAP Yes 33 (91.7)
No 3 (8.3)
Reporting AC code of ICAP Yes 3 (8.3)
No 33 (91.7)
Intention to use AC code in the future (N=33) Yes 16 (48.5)
No 17 (51.5)
For ANA positivity, using of reflex test by laboratory department No 36 (100.0)
For ANA positivity, recommendation to additional tests for antigen specificity Yes 18 (50.0)
No 18 (50.0)

Abbreviations: IFA, indirect immunofluorescence assay; ANA, antinuclear antibody; ICAP, International Consensus on ANA staining Patterns; AC, anticellular antibody.

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