Laboratory Medicine and Quality Assurance

Table. 3.

Test items and instruments that showed <80% acceptable rates

Specimen CU-22-01 CU-22-02 CU-22-03 CU-22-04 CU-22-05 CU-22-07 CU-22-08 CU-22-10 CU-22-12
Bilirubin Si Ak, Si Si Ak, Si
Blood Ak
Ketone Sy Sy
Leukocyte Sy Sy
pH R Si E Si
Protein D D
Urobilinogen U Ak, R, Si U Ak, R, Si Ak, Si, Sy Ak, Si, Sy

The instruments used were as follows: Siemens (Siemens Healthcare, Erlangen, Germany), Arkray (Arkray Inc., Kyoto, Japan), Symex (Symex Co., Kobe, Japan), Roche (Roche Diagnostics, Mannheim, Germany), Eiken (Eiken Chemical Co., Tokyo, Japan), DFI (DFI Co. Ltd., Gimhae, Korea), and URIT (URIT Medical Electronic, Guangxi, China).

Abbreviations: Si, Siemens; Ak, Arkray; Sy, Sysmex; R, Roche; E, Eiken; D, DFI; U, URIT.

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