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pISSN 2950-9114 eISSN 2950-9122
Accuracy of Creatinine Assay According to Expanded Proficiency Testing in Participants
Feasibility of Establishing a Common Cut-Off of Human Leukocyte Antigen Flow Cytometry Crossmatch Using Harmonized Protocols in a Multicenter Setting
Variant Call Format Normalization Contributes to the Accuracy of Variant Nomenclature
Performance Evaluation of BRCA1/2 Genetic Test Using Next-Generation Sequencing Based on Target Capture Method
Implementation and Validation of an Ultra-High Performance Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry Method for Quantifying Levetiracetam and Lamotrigine in Serum Specimens

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December, 2022
Vol.44 No.4
pISSN 2950-9114
eISSN 2950-9122

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Cross-Reactivity of Disease-Specific Antibody Assays for the Detection of Current Infections: With Potentially Interfering Substances of Other Infections

Dae Ho Gong, Seung Hyeon Kim, Hee-Jeong Kim, Anna Lee, and Mi-Soon Han
Lab Med Qual Assur 2022; 44(1): 40-47 more

Analysis of Clinical Utility of Urine Sediments

A-Jin Lee, Seong Gyu Kim, and Chang-Ho Jeon
Lab Med Qual Assur 2022; 44(1): 29-35 more